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Sunday, February 14, 2010
  Marvel Super Heroes Project

Over the next thirteen weeks I'm a taking on a special project. I want to watch and review every episode of of the Grantray-Lawrence Marvel Super Heroes cartoon from 1966.

Webpages like Marvel Animation Age and World's Finest Online are a great resource for many current and classic superhero cartoons, but I can't seem to find any webpages that focus on this classic piece of superhero animation history. I want to make Animated Superheroes that source.

The series is made up of five segments, each focusing on a different hero. I will be watching it as it originally aired:

Mondays: Captain America
Tuesdays: Incredible Hulk
Wednesdays: Invincible Iron Man
Thursdays: Mighty Thor
Fridays: Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner

I think most of these episodes are on youtube, so please follow along and leave your comments!

Also, if anyone out there has any information on this series and can point me to webpages, books or other sources, please let me know. I am especially interested in voice actors and directors. (I've already checked the common places - Wikipedia, imdb, bcdb, etc.)

I am also interested if anyone can find the original airdates. The dates that I have listed on this site are incorrect as I have just looked up a 1966 calendar and it shows that September 1st as a Thursday, not a Monday. I would appreciate any help you can give me!

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Monday, May 19, 2008
  What's Tony's Ringtone?
I went to see Iron Man on opening night last week, and aside from it being a totally awesome movie, there was one other thing that got me excited.

Tony Stark's ringtone was the theme song from the Iron Man segment of The Marvel Superheroes from 1966! I know that you would have to be a huge geek to know this, but I heard it a few other times throughout the movie worked into the background music.

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Friday, May 16, 2008
  The Invincible Iron Man

Ep #Episode TitleProd #Airdate
1Double Disaster September 2, 1966
 Enter Happy Hogan  
 Of Ice and Men  
2The Death of Tony Stark! September 9, 1966
 The Hands of the Mandarin  
 The Origin of the Mandarin  
3Ultimo September 16, 1966
 Ultimo Lives!  
4The Mandarin's Revenge September 23, 1966
 The Mandarin's Death Ray  
 No One Escapes the Mandarin  
5The Crimson Dynamo  September 30, 1966
 The Crimson Dynamo Strikes  
6Enter Hawkeye October 7, 1966
 So Spins the Web  
 Triple Jeopardy  
7If I Die Let it Be With Honor October 14, 1966
 Fight On for a World is Watching  
 What Price Victory?  
8The Moleman Strikes October 21, 1966
 The Dragon of the Flames  
 Decision Under the Earth  
9The Other Iron Man November 1, 1966
 Death Duel  
 Into the Jaws of the Death  
10Cliffs of Doom November 8, 1966
 The False Captain America  
 The Unmasking  
11My Life for Yours Novebember 15, 1966
 Black Knight's Gamble  
 Menace of the Monster  
12Dream Master November 22, 1966
 If a Man Be Mad  
 Duel in Space  
13The Beauty and the Armor November 29, 1966
 Peril in Space  
 As a City Watches  

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